Exon Center

DeFi platform with market-leading functionality. Exclusive DEX with personal liquidity.

Exon IDO
Fundraising to raise seed money
Exon Vote
Platform development through voting
Exon Farming
Unique staking with extra yield
Exon Swap
Higher income for liquidity providers
The Advantages of Exon Center
Exon Center is a DeFi platform with valuable functionality and the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency for all market participants.
Personal Liquidity in DEX
This is an innovative approach in the DeFi ecosystem — every participant who has provided liquidity earns high profits from the cryptocurrency exchange in the pool. By distributing a personal liquidity link, you can increase the number of trades in previously blocked assets and earn more on commissions.
Low Commissions on the Platform
Optimizing smart contracts for exchanges, staking, farming, and other DeFi tools ensures minimal commissions for users on the TRON network. This is how Exon Center simplifies the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency on decentralized exchanges.
Additional Profit From Farming
The participant earns tokens from their farming income by inviting new users through the affiliate program at Exon Center. The more partners attracted, the higher the earnings. Now the user does not depend on the rise or fall of cryptocurrencies — they earn 24/7.
Community Voting
All users of the service who have EXON tokens, based on the TRON blockchain, can participate in making decisions on the development of decentralized finance platform directions. We are building a community-driven DeFi platform, and that's why we value your every vote.
24/7 Support
Our employees are available day and night to answer any questions on Telegram. No problem is left unresolved. Direct and fast access to the support team will ensure the best experience of trading cryptocurrency and using other services.